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luvsound: artists




from New Orleans

AllThatFall + Bryan Teoh + He Can Jog

from New Orleans / San Francisco / Brooklyn

Arno Steinacher

from Sheffield

Arno Steinacher began composing at the age of 12. At first, he played guitar and homemade instruments in improvisational projects, and produced so far unpublished tape music. Now for the most part he works in the field of electronic music, focusing on implementing scientific theories and models into his music on both a structural and a metaphorical level.


from Sheffield

Autistici's work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. Tracks focus on representing details from both the natural and manmade world. Each detail (including elements from his own body) has the potential to become incorporated into the composition.

This fascination on the interplay between inner and outer world embodies Autistici's sound.There is an intimate, intense and enmeshed sense of connection with tiny details (e.g., dust on vinyl, a door opening, heart beats, breathing, snoring).

Autistici has released tracks on 12k, Audiobulb Records, Hippocamp, Nexsound, Kikapu and Wandering Ear.


from Bushwick

Battery is Bryan Teoh (Always Tokyo) on Cello and Electronics and Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) on Lapsteel and Electronics. Eschewing laptops after about a decade of work with digital sound, Battery is in part an attempt to translate a sound world inspired by work in the digital domain to a more physical acoustic setting. An ad hoc assembly of raw cello and bubbling cassette loops meet lapsteel overtones and spidery networks of patch cables, creating ebbs that are at once powerful and brittle.



Ben Klein

from West Hartford

Benjamin J Mansavage Klein grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin attending Catholic Mass on Saturday nights and his father's Protestant church service on Sunday morning. It makes sense then that Benjamin identifies the best with hymns sung by warbly old church ladies accompanied by out of tune pianos. The Sheboygan county area is best known for its golf, bratwurst, and toilet industry; Benjamin is most familiar with the last of these, spending a number of summers manufacturing toilet seats for the Bemis Company, and he admits that this has lead to an industrial tinge on his ear. A member of the improv group ICELU (luv004) Benjamin tries to explore everything you are not supposed to do with a tuba.

Bone Conductors

from New York

Nick Yulman of Bone Conductors is a songwriter, producer and sound artist living in Brooklyn, NY.  In addition to recording haunted confections, he creates song installations utilizing mechanical musical instruments and singing radios which have been exhibited in New York City.  Nick lends his guitar work to the band Et Ret and has recorded music for radio documentaries, video art pieces and bat mitzvahs.  5 out of 7, he works with the national oral history recording project StoryCorps.

Brian Green

from Anderson, SC

Hi, I am Brian William Green, born October 12th, 1989 in Michigan. I am currently living in Anderson, South Carolina. I mainly focus on work dealing with field recording, generative synthesis, abandoned spaces/natural ambiance, environmental/nature sounds, industrial spaces, machines, drones and the exploration and documentation of different places and spaces. Alongside that, my work deals heavily with technology and sometimes is based in minimalist form. From an early age (around 3rd grade), I started field recording as well as experimenting with the sounds I had recorded. I have always had a fascination with the sound a natural space can produce and create and what you can do to that sound has fascinated me even more.

Bryan Teoh

from Brooklyn

Bryan Teoh is a composer, instrumentalist, sound designer, and new media artist. With a conservatory background in classical and jazz performance/composition, Bryan has worked in several professional musical and new media environments. His compositions have been used in film, video games, modern dance, art installations/openings, and documentaries. Instrumental performances often employ his 17 years of training on guitar as well as his unique approach to live use of the laptop. 

Bryce Beverlin II

from Minneapolis

Bryce Beverlin II is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he explores various forms of art including free improvisational music, contact improvisational dance, guerrilla public performance, film and video, poetry, public and private installation, and conceptual composition. His primary artistic discipline is music, which he has been immersed in since the age of three including numerous awards, over 100 recordings, and a BMusic from Northwestern University. Bryce started the record label, Insides Music, in 1999 and has curated the Tuesday Night weekly series for free improvisation in Minneapolis. He has achieved a BScience in honors in Physics and Astrophysics with a minor in Mathematics and is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics at the University of Minnesota conducting research on neural network behavior. More information on Bryce can be found on the web at:

Clark Nova Portable

from Oslo

Clark Nova Portable is Rudi Simmons from Oslo, Norway. He started out recording at the age of fourteen, on a tascam four-track his mother bought him after winning a local lottery. In 2004 he got his first laptop and has since been very interested in where the two worlds meet; the scratchy organic tapes of old and the crispy clear digital blips and blops of new. Rudi is one half of Beneva vs. Clark Nova ( with two album releases, Sombunall and Dramadadatic, out now on Fenétre Records ( and How is Annie Records ( His first solo attempt as Clark Nova Portable, No Wait Okay Now, is available as a free download from Luxus-Arctica Records (


from Los Angeles

Matt Davis (Craque) is an LA area artist working in areas of freeform electro-acoustic sound sculptures and sonic exploration through invention. Works incorporate improvisation and homebuilt instruments, analog circuitry and guitar played with ebow and preparations, mixed live through effects and looping hardware.

Dague de Miséricorde

from France

Dague de Miséricorde are Aurore Dudevant (clarinet) and Philippe Zulaica (violin, piano, electronics). Architects in France by day, Dague de Miséricorde’s haunting improvizations are all about structure.


from uknown



from Paris

We know scarce few things about Cüret / [dzyret] / Kül / Disastrato. He lives and works in Paris as a graphic designer. He has lived in Ankara, Istanbul and Rennes. He's released a series of excellent deconstructions on UK label Audiobulb and elsewhere.

Fredo Viola

from Woodstock, NY

I'm a multi-media artist/singer living in NY.  I make things mostly with my voice and with the things I see around me.  I am also quite fond of bells, percussion and unusual instruments, and have begun to collect and record many of these.  With my visual art, I enjoy working with professional and mass-market equipment.  Most important is to keep things always very simple.

He Can Jog

from Brooklyn

Erik Schoster spent his formative years playing the trombone and photocopying marxist zines in Madison Wisconsin. He recently moved to Brooklyn where he plays the laptop as He Can Jog, records long distance with Milwaukee band Cedar AV, and collaborates with guitarist Bryan Teoh.  His second full length record entitled Middlemarch is out now on Audiobulb Records.


from Italy

Born in Italy, where he lives and works, Hellospiral is Giacomo Governatori, a sociologist/guitarist. In 1995 he was the guitar hero of his block, in 1999 he founded a post-punk-noise band named Edible Woman whose CD "Spare/me calf" came out in 2001. At the same time he devotes himself to electronic composition alternating his passion for melody and for noises, still uncertain of what attracts him more. Equally influenced by Gilles Deleuze and Brian Wilson, Hellospiral explores the pop/avantgarde dialectics hoping never to arrive at a proper synthesis.

Hey Exit

from Berkeley

Hey Exit is Brendan Landis, an improviser / composer living in Berkeley, California. His work with guitar is focused on exploring alternate methods of playing - extended technique, preparation, and alternative amplification - playing the guitar as not-a-guitar. (For the record, he prefers to keep modulation effects to a minimum.) He also sings, studies koto, and plays contact mics.

Ian D. Hawgood

from Tokyo

ian d. hawgood is a musician and teacher from tokyo, by way of oxford. essentially deaf until the age of ten, he felt and watched his way through childhood piano lessons. his work is still informed by that reaching, and today his process is focused on holding onto the myriad glimmers of landscape and place. 3-track portable in hand, he collects as many sounds as possible as he travels between london and tokyo.


from UK

ibreatheFUR is UK based sound artist Chris Spearman.

He likes to make other things too.  Sometimes abstract, sometimes not so abstract.

It’s a pity we can’t do everything at the same time.



Icelu was first formed by four students at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin in 2004. After graduation, icelu parted ways for one year before converging on Brooklyn, where they are now based. Icelu has always been based on the idea that collaboration with other artists is much more successful than working alone. Dedicated solely to new music, icelu strives to stretch boundaries by working with dancers, film makers, visual artists, writers, and all other artists.

Icelu is Jonathon Roberts, voice and keyboard; Ben Klein, tuba; Reid Stratton, euphonium; and Bryan Teoh, guitar and laptop.

Implex Grace

from Chicago


from Brooklyn

Inlets is Sebastian Krueger.

Under the guise of a lo-fi project out of a Brooklyn nook, he writes songs for the allergic. The nose itching from time spent sniffling at odd ball instrumental writing, Sebastian began sneezing out lyrical melody and form in between between writing for a now-defunct instrumental group, and playing and recording regularly in the band, My Brightest Diamond. Upon his kleenex he found traces of flesh toned watercolors and four-part harmony, drops of intimate life moments spelled wrong, and streaks of faces in profile that were unwound from guitar strings.

On Thanksgiving of 2006 Inlets released a free downloadable EP, Vestibule to the praise of blogfolk and netlisteners alike.

James Nicholl

from Cape Cod

I am interested in music that can capture a moment, or an emotion, and music that can tell a story, or take the listener on a journey. I create music that can be listened to with fine attention to detail, or with broad attention to form. I employ as many musical tools to these ends as I can manage, including tempo, pitch, rhythm, loudness, scales, chords, keys, modes, instrumentation, expression, etc.

John McCaig

from Seattle

John was born and raised in Seattle Washington and has been playing, making, sampling, mixing and synthesizing music for over 25 years.  John records as Effacer for Audiobulb Records, and as Fell for various labels.

Matthew Mullane

from Ohio

Matthew Mullane is a student, sound artist, performing musician and writer currently living in Ohio. His sound work differs greatly from release to release while his written work focuses on aesthetics and art theory.

Nick Sanborn + Jim Schoenecker + Erik Schoster

from Milwaukee to Brooklyn and back

Nick Sanborn on Rhodes and electronics, Jim Schoenecker on synths and guitar, Erik Schoster on computer and objects.


from Minneapolis

Nobot is an innovative new duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota. By incorporating live instruments, vocoded vocals, and laptop manipulation into an energetic stageshow, the band creates a wall of throbbing electronic rock similar to Daft Punk, Ratatat, and Cut Copy. Since late 2006 Nobot has played heavily in the Minneapolis scene as well as touring the Midwest . Currently, they have the EP "Power Today" under their belts, which includes an intense Aphex Twin cover. In a drastic departure from the "record an album, tour, repeat" cycle, Nobot will be releasing a new song for free once a month, every month until we stop. Their recent performance highlights include providing tour support for We Are Wolves, Tartufi, and Burbis. Nobot is prepared to bring chaos, beauty, beats, and noise to your face in the near future. - RCRDLBL


from Cologne

NQ is Nils Quak – an artist, writer and journalist living and working in cologne. Since 2002 he is releasing laptop-music for labels like progressive form, kitty yo and several netlabels. By bringing together his own abstract interpretation of Hip Hop, the Clicks'n'Cuts-aesthetic and experimental music between noise and ambient, he has been releasing tracks that not only combine complex rhythms, processed fieldrecordings and subtle soundfragments,  but also show a deep buried warmth, that makes his tracks more than just a study in sound-design. He is also part of STFU-network, that is organizing festivals all over europe since 2005.

Rain Cloud

from Glasgow

Born out of many gigs and shit Scottish weather, Rain-Cloud is a duo from Glasgow, Scotland.

Scott Bruzenak

from Los Angeles

Scott Bruzenak is a writer, composer, instrumentalist, and sound engineer living in Los Angeles.  The Icicle Dream is forthcoming on Luvsound.

Stephane Leonard

from Berlin

Stephane Leonard is a founding member of the naivsuper artist collective that publishes and promotes modern composers, adventurous music, art and books and the naivsuper Film collective which makes films, music videos, documentaries and video installations.

His work has been shown in exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Hamburg, Bremen, Groningen, Neubrandenburg, Bergen, Vienna, Zürich, Massachusetts, Bangkok and the Kirgisien National Museum for Fine Arts.

The Oo-Ray

from Portland

After 5 years playing with the electro duo Ainu, Ted Laderas wanted a change of direction. He started to learn cello and listen to My Bloody Valentine obsessively. The Oo-ray is his new ambient drone project, inspired by the shoegazer greats. Layering thick cello chords with distortion, he aims to drown the listener in a sea of sound, producing sustained ecstasy from his slow bow strokes.

Tom Hamill

from Worcester, MA

Tom Hamill has been writing and performing solo instrumental/experimental guitar music since 2004. He has ceaselessly sought to deliver songs that are entirely natural and personal, yet equally passionate, thoughtful, memorable, and moving. Tom is devout in creating albums that are whole, capturing feelings by sound with great precision, and performing the songs live, just as they appear on the album, but with an energy and aura hardly matched by the recording counterpart. Tom considers that he will always be invested in this sound, a sound that perhaps exemplifies the many experiences and emotions one has in life, a "life guitar" sound.


from Middletown, CT

WUEAIO is Ben Klein, Andrew Greenwald, Andrew Colwell, Akiko Hatakeyama, and Eoin Callery on various electronics and synthesizers.