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luv002: Improvisation on a Saturday Night after a Rainstorm by He Can Jog

About Improvisation on a Saturday Night after a Rainstorm

"There was a rainstorm and then I decided to play music. First, I hooked the output of the mixing-board into the input of the computer and recorded. Then, I took the output of the computer and ran it into the board's third channel. I modulated the two sounds. I improvised on a sine tone through the computer. I read what was at the moment my favorite poem. (A poem with apples, which are good for the lungs. It is by Frost.) I read and improvised, then I stopped and put everything back into the computer. Mostly to the left channel I played everything forwards. Mostly to the right channel I played everything backwards."

About He Can Jog

Erik Schoster spent his formative years playing the trombone and photocopying marxist zines in Madison Wisconsin. He recently moved to Brooklyn where he plays the laptop as He Can Jog, records long distance with Milwaukee band Cedar AV, and collaborates with guitarist Bryan Teoh.  His second full length record entitled Middlemarch is out now on Audiobulb Records.

Improvisation on a Saturday Night after a Rainstorm


He Can Jog

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