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luv004: Live at Riverview Lounge by ICELU

About Live at Riverview Lounge

ICELU's music lies somewhere between the vague orbits of european free improvisation, dada, and ambient microsound. Catchy categories aside, the golden brown bake of the midwest is what really makes this music special to me. There's a playful seriousness to ICELU that seems indebted to their Wisconsin dispositions - harsh noise can be giggled away, and impossibly fragile soundscapes feel like a familiar handshake. This isn't music for the recital hall. It's music for armchairs, couches, and new friends.

ben klein: amplified tuba / contact microphones / electric guitar / accordion
bryan teoh: electric guitar / laptop / guitar synth
reid stratton: amplified baritone / laptop
jonathon mt roberts: extended voice


Icelu was first formed by four students at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin in 2004. After graduation, icelu parted ways for one year before converging on Brooklyn, where they are now based. Icelu has always been based on the idea that collaboration with other artists is much more successful than working alone. Dedicated solely to new music, icelu strives to stretch boundaries by working with dancers, film makers, visual artists, writers, and all other artists.

Icelu is Jonathon Roberts, voice and keyboard; Ben Klein, tuba; Reid Stratton, euphonium; and Bryan Teoh, guitar and laptop.

Live at Riverview Lounge



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