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luv010: A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid by Ben Klein

About A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid

A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid is a dense and spectral tuba-laptop drone, maybe in the tradition of Tony Conrad. Benjamin's tuba cuts deep and smothers - partials ringing out like decades old tape noise. The source recordings for this piece were taken from an improvisation in Amsterdam earlier in the year. Mastered at PanicStudios by John McCaig.

About Ben Klein

Benjamin J Mansavage Klein grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin attending Catholic Mass on Saturday nights and his father's Protestant church service on Sunday morning. It makes sense then that Benjamin identifies the best with hymns sung by warbly old church ladies accompanied by out of tune pianos. The Sheboygan county area is best known for its golf, bratwurst, and toilet industry; Benjamin is most familiar with the last of these, spending a number of summers manufacturing toilet seats for the Bemis Company, and he admits that this has lead to an industrial tinge on his ear. A member of the improv group ICELU (luv004) Benjamin tries to explore everything you are not supposed to do with a tuba.

A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid


Ben Klein

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  1. A Hymn to Zoltan Abbassid