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luv012: Vestibule by Inlets

About Vestibule

Sebastian Krueger of Inlets just needs a little room. Growing up in a large prairie-style home in Madison, Wisconsin, he became possessed with a certain notion of infinite space. His method is compact and intimate - a solitary Shure microphone details the puff of a clarinet as closely as reverberations in the creases of his pillow - but these bedroom recordings sprawl with occluded heartfelt colors and shimmer with the accidents of expansion. Here, whole conversations bloom and senesce in quick moments between notes; single hushed voices persist and then suddenly are buttressed by myriad more. This is music that riots and rushes in the world of multi-track recording software, but which still retains a terse narrative course and an ear to beautiful detail.

Apart from Inlets, Sebastian enjoys the privilege of playing in My Brightest Diamond; supporting Shara Worden with guitars, clarinets, bells and falsetto. He contributes to her forthcoming record A Thousand Shark's Teeth.

About Inlets

Inlets is Sebastian Krueger.

Under the guise of a lo-fi project out of a Brooklyn nook, he writes songs for the allergic. The nose itching from time spent sniffling at odd ball instrumental writing, Sebastian began sneezing out lyrical melody and form in between between writing for a now-defunct instrumental group, and playing and recording regularly in the band, My Brightest Diamond. Upon his kleenex he found traces of flesh toned watercolors and four-part harmony, drops of intimate life moments spelled wrong, and streaks of faces in profile that were unwound from guitar strings.

On Thanksgiving of 2006 Inlets released a free downloadable EP, Vestibule to the praise of blogfolk and netlisteners alike.




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  1. Pictures of Trees
  2. Decks, Up and Above
  3. Straphanger
  4. See her, seer
  5. Roots on Sidewalks
  6. Threads
  7. Sunfed Shapes
  8. You are an Effigy


All music by Sebastian Krueger with:
    Marla Hansen - Viola on See her, Pictures, and Decks. Voice on See her.
    Sam Bair - Trap kit and drum engineering on Pictures, Sunfed, Effigy.
    Nathan Lithgow - Electric bass on Sunfed, Effigy.
    Brett Sroka - Trombone on See her, and Sunfed.
    and special assistance from Brandon Krueger, Shara Worden,
        Erik Schoster, Kevin Gipson.

All rights reserved by the artist.

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