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luv021: The Whole Moon Gleams in Every Pool by Matthew Mullane

About The Whole Moon Gleams in Every Pool

Searching excursions into the woods, poetry-to-frequency converting Max/MSP patches, and the appropriation of a university's bell tower p.a. system are just some of the myriad elements which comprise Matthew Mullane's "The Whole Moon Gleams in Every Pool." A studied work in the efferent and the afferent, Matthew's work seeks to explore the interface between the projection of sound and its audition.

About Matthew Mullane

Matthew Mullane is a student, sound artist, performing musician and writer currently living in Ohio. His sound work differs greatly from release to release while his written work focuses on aesthetics and art theory.

The Whole Moon Gleams in Every Pool


Matthew Mullane

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  1. Outside, In
  2. Adam, I
  3. Broken, Break
  4. Moment, Absence

Installation Audio

  1. Tower 1
  2. Tower 2
  3. Tower 3
  4. Tower 4
  5. Tower 5
  6. Tower 6